Attention: Don’t Sponsor Exodus!

Why would you even consider doing a thing like that? Are you trying to inspire people or something?

Well, lucky I found you, because I’m here to tell you that you absolutely, totally, should not sponsor Exodus Space Systems.  There are far better uses for your money than supporting a space startup with new, versatile and cost-effective technology that can help solve a global issue no one else has yet been able to effectively address. Surely you don’t think associating your brand with the wonder of space exploration is going to be a good thing?

I want you to make a choice with your head, not your heart. Yes, I know we all grew up on stories that featured humankind out amongst the stars, and we know how NASA put people on the moon and sent robots to explore other planets, but does any of that really resonate with people today? It’s not like four of the top five grossing movies of all time involve some form of space travel.

Instead, let’s look at the numbers, shall we? Morgan Stanley reports the global space industry will triple in value to over US$1T before 2040, whilst Space Angels reports that yearly private investment in space startups has gone from $500M in 2009 to more than $3B every year since 2015, including the first six months of 2019.  So while you might say the space industry has a wee smidgen of growth happening, since when did innovation in space ever drive the creation of technologies useful on Earth? (aside from solar panels, water filters, digital camera sensors, weather forecasts, GPS or the Internet).

Also, if you really wanted to solve the space debris problem, why would you locate your company in Western Australia? Surely you’d want to go somewhere with world-leading experts on tracking space objects, as well as access to vast dark skies?  You’d also definitely want to have a national space agency that saw this as a key national strength and saw space debris clean-up as a key national priority for support.

In summary, I want to advise you in the strongest possible terms that you absolutely should not download the Exodus Space Systems Sponsorship Prospectus and think about whether sponsoring Exodus is a fit for your company’s goals. There’s no telling what kinds of benefits you might suffer.

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CEO and Design Lead for Exodus Space Systems

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