Launching the Space Commerce Hackathon

It’s with great excitement that Exodus launches its first Hackathon, to take place on Monday and Tuesday, the 12th and 13th of December, 2022. With six fun challenges, a night of presentations and some awesome prizes on offer, we can’t wait to see what ideas participants will come up with. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Inventors Association of WA, so our thanks go to them for seeing how this Hackathon fits into our overall strategy.

With this post we’ll discuss a little more on that overall strategy, but for those who want to sign up now, you can find all the details right here.

Last week, Michael had the chance to present Exodus’s progress to the WA Space forum. The talk started with Michael’s summary from attending the International Space Station R&D conference in Washington D.C., where a variety of contributors discussed the emergence of In-Space Production Applications (InSPA), or items manufactured in Space for use on Earth.

This led to what Exodus Space Systems Carousel Spacelab is, and what problems in the InSPA field it is designed to solve. Lastly, we announced the upcoming Space Commerce Hackathon!

Mike presents at the WA Space Forum, 27/10/2022

Why are we doing this?
Like any early stage company, it’s an ongoing challenge to put together a team with all the skillsets needed to run a successful company. While space often attracts brilliant scientists and engineers, we need to make sure we remember have fun while we’re doing it! There’s nothing quite like the buzz that happens at a hackathon with interesting challenges and great prizes.

Secondly, it’s now that we are sure we are solving a real problem in the InSPA field, we need to make sure we have a strong team that can work together! We need – not just scientists and engineers – but also people with business development, sales and marketing, law skills and more. The six challenges were chosen to inspire a mix of both high-tech ideas and business innovation that could be applicable to multiple industries. We want to see people joining in who would never have thought they could work in the space industry!

Lastly, we’re also hoping to meet a variety of space enthusiasts who are keen to be involved with Exodus later in the summer. We’re now in the early stages of putting together a 6-week internship program over Jan-Feb, and we’ll have more to say on this at the Hackathon.

So grab some friends and register on the website here. You can either put together a team beforehand, or form one on the first day. If you can only attend for part of the Hackathon, that’s okay too, we’ll make sure there’s a way you can get involved, just let us know what parts you can attend.

Places are limited, so get in fast.

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