Space Commerce Hackathon

Get ready to imagine the future of space commerce!

Exodus Space Systems is proud to be part of a new wave of new space companies that are finding new ways to do business in space, and we want your help! This will be similar to the NASA Apps Hackathon: We’re asking you to form into teams of 3-6, spend two days working to solve some fun space challenges, and then pitch your ideas for a chance at some great prizes.

Our sponsor, the Inventors Association of WA, has made it possible for us to do this at no cost, but places are limited!

Register for your place here!

Choose from 6 challenges:

Design a rotating space station and show us what its killer app is:
Space stations that rotate to create centrifugal gravity have been proposed since the 1950s, but they will be big, so they need a strong business case to justify building them. Is it for science? Tourism? Sports? Show us your best design and why it should be built!

Create a sales and marketing strategy for manufacturing in space:
In-Space Production Applications (InSPA) covers all things made in space, for use on Earth, including tissue engineering, drug testing and development, fibre optics, metal superalloys, catalysts for carbon capture and more. Show us how you would market any of the products that we can make in space!

Design a user interface for spacesuits with robotic arms:
Spacesuits are miniature spacecraft, but complex, custom shapes make them expensive. It may be better to keep human bodies safely inside hard shelled pods, and let the user control robot arms to manipulate objects in space. How would that work? and how can be made more cost-effective?

Create an asteroid mining game using real asteroid data from NASA:
We know asteroid mining will be critical as humans settle the solar system, but what might this involve? Using the NASA small body database (with records for over a million real asteroids), show us a concept/mvp for a game that lets players explore the many asteroids in our solar system.

Design a cap-and-trade system for cleaning up space debris:
The most important question around space debris right now is: “Who pays to clean it up?” Space agencies, companies, and satellite insurers are working together right now to create a system that will share the cost of cleaning up fairly. How would you solve this problem?

Create your own space commerce challenge & solution:
Don’t forget to tell us what the problem is and why people will pay for your solution!

TIme, Date and Location:

  • The Exodus Space Commerce Hackathon will take place on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of December 2022.
  • Come to the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI) at 22 Stirling Highway Nedlands, to form teams of 3-6 and work on a challenge of your choice, from 9am to 5:30pm each day.
  • Exodus will provide snacks and lunch on both days, and will arrange dinner and drinks during the presentation session, from 5:30pm on Tuesday.
  • Participants who cannot attend the whole weekend are welcome to attend for as little as half a day, and contribute their ideas to an online drive.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot supervise children at the event, so under-18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Presentation night and prizes:

  • If you have friends or family that just want to come to the pitch night, tickets are here (Humanitix).
  • Up to eight teams will pitch ideas at a public pitch session on the Tuesday evening. Networking and prize announcements to follow later in the evening.
  • 5 minutes for the pitch and up to 5 minutes Q&A.
  • Two teams will be awarded prizes for Judges’ pick and People’s choice. Each prize package is worth $772 (includes an 8-ticket pass at Zero-Latency VR gaming, worth $472).

Tech stuff:

  • Participants are expected to bring their own laptops and/or devices for use on the weekend.
  • All registered participants will be invited to join and use the Exodus Space Systems Slack channel.
  • The expectation is that Exodus Space Systems will receive copies of, and non-exclusive permission to use, all presentations, data, video and/or code generated during the weekend.


The form to register can be found here. Places are limited, so please register asap.

Register for your place here!

Thanks again to our sponsor, the Inventors Association of WA