Space Debris is the legacy of sixty years of space flight, and it’s made up of thousands of old satellites and rocket stages orbiting the Earth.  This causes a hazard for the satellites that provide critical services like the internet, weather forecasting and mapping services, as well as GPS.  The global space industry is now worth 400 billion dollars annually, and it’s growing fast as a wave of new space companies race to offer exciting new services on with a multitude of new satellites… all of which have to address the space debris hazard.

Exodus Space Systems is working to build a “street sweeper” for space… our Kinetic Solution for Space Debris (KiSSD) technology.  It’s a new, more cost-effective and versatile form of active debris removal different from other “rendezvous-and-capture” methods.

Our services will help satellite operators reduce liability risk (in cases where satellite control is lost due to unforeseen circumstances), whilst also lowering the operational costs of avoiding pre-existing space debris.  We think cleaning up space junk is going to be an increasingly important new market segment in the global space industry.

Based in Western Australia, we also perform consultation services for Australian companies that use these satellite-supported services and want to better understand their exposure to space debris risk.

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