Axiom is enabling a robust space economy in low-Earth orbit as we build a permanent commercial destination and next generation space laboratory to accelerate human progress and bring untold benefits back home.
Michael Suffredini
CEO, Axiom Space
Full on-orbit manufacturing is the next giant leap for humankind.
Tom Vice
CEO, Sierra Space
Commercial space utilization will enable in-space manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, fiber optics… and will make space a key player in finding the solutions to Earth’s problems.
Jeffrey Manber
President, Voyager Space
Part of our mission managing the International Space Station National Lab is to enable access to space for research and technology development that benefit those here on Earth.
Michael Roberts
Chief Scientist, International Space Station National Lab

Exodus Space Systems is a West Australian Early Stage Innovation Company. Our Carousel Spacelab is the centrepiece of a logistics system for In-Space Manufacturing (ISM), where high value physical products are made in space for use on Earth.

Twenty two years of research at the International Space Station has unlocked new science that will be game-changing for multiple sectors. For example, the zero-gravity of space enables key processes in the drug discovery process to yield higher quality data, giving potential savings of 1-5% to a pharmaceutical industry worth $86 Billion dollars per year. The benefits of zero-gravity research also apply to tissue engineering, metallurgy, ceramics, and the production of optical fibres.

Carousel Spacelab is a small, free-flying spacecraft that hosts customer payloads in the cubesat form-factor, and will help solve the key pain points of working in space:

  • Zero-gravity in space is useful, but creates numerous issues that currently require manual handling by astronauts
  • Astronaut time is therefore a key constraint on in-space manufacturing efforts, which can be solved through automation
  • Most terrestrial automation solutions require gravity to function, so in-space automation often results in custom, non-standard solutions
  • Carousel Spacelab is a centrifuge which spins to create artificial gravity, and hosts a payload with a standardised licensable interface. This allows customers to design cubesat ISM payloads to utilise both zero-gravity and full gravity, as required
  • The killer app for space is not zero-gravity, but control over gravity
  • Our standardised interface for cubesat ISM payloads will streamline the process for customer payload transfer from Earth, to space, and back again.

We are currently reaching out to potential customers of the system to find out how we can better design it to better suit the needs of the emerging ISM industry. You can also contact us for more information, or click through to our news page.

To purchase an early concept version of Carousel Spacelab (3D printed Deployable Toroid Array) Visit out Shapeways shop here.

We gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of The Inventors Association of WA.

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