Michael Le Page

  • is a lifelong inventor, both creating the Deployable Toroid Array (DeTA), and conceiving of the Kinetic Solution for Space Debris (KiSSD).
  • He holds a PhD, and has sold 3D printed designs online for over 5 years.
  • Michael has attended numerous space conferences and events, including the 2016 NASA apps challenge where he and Carl P-Conquilla worked together and were awarded first prize in their section.

Carl P-Conquilla

  • is a mechatronic engineer with expert knowledge in advanced prototype design and manufacturing for aerospace, including code optimisation and circuit board design, CAD packages, electronic design and assembly software.
  • He is a start-up company veteran, previous EIR and lecturer, having managed many high-tech R&D projects, from carbon composite Formula racecars, to real-time computer vision and unmanned aircraft.

Alexius Julian

  • brings his business and strategic development experience to the team.
  • He serves on the board of Directors of the Child and Adolescent Health Service, which oversees Perth Children’s Hospital, and has also acted as the Group Director of Digital & Technology at St John of God Health Care.

Stephen Hicks

  • has worked in R&D engineering projects including Industrial Control Systems (Agricultural Irrigation), Satellite Communication (DGPS correction), and is a director of a multinational Machine Learning group using satellite technology to improve agriculture in developing nations.
  • He has completed multiple space-related courses, including the International Space University’s (ISU) Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program in 2018 (Dux).


Together we have the range of design, engineering, software, electronics, biomedical, strategic business planning and space-industry knowledge that will be required to execute on our ambitious plans.