Happy Holidays from Exodus!

What a year! As 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished with the help of our friends and supporters. First and foremost, we are thrilled to have made significant progress on the Carousel Spacelab project, a small free flying centrifuge that allows in-space manufacturingContinue reading “Happy Holidays from Exodus!”

Resources for the Hackathon, now on Slack

We’re now opening up the slack workspace for the Exodus Space Commerce Hackathon this coming Monday and Tuesday (12th and 13th December). There are now links to resources for each of the challenges on the slack workspace, available to those who have registered at this link here. If you’ve not registered yet and you’re planningContinue reading “Resources for the Hackathon, now on Slack”

How I found my purpose in the space industry

A bit more of a philosophical post this time, but first a promotion: Exodus is running a Space Commerce Hackathon on December 12th-13th, and we’re reaching out to adults, uni age and older to form teams and work on solutions to some interesting space problems, and pitch them for a chance at some great prizes.Continue reading “How I found my purpose in the space industry”

Launching the Space Commerce Hackathon

It’s with great excitement that Exodus launches its first Hackathon, to take place on Monday and Tuesday, the 12th and 13th of December, 2022. With six fun challenges, a night of presentations and some awesome prizes on offer, we can’t wait to see what ideas participants will come up with. It wouldn’t have been possibleContinue reading “Launching the Space Commerce Hackathon”

London Tech Week ’22

It as has been three years since Exodus last came to London, and so much has changed since then. In 2019, we learnt about the UK’s Enterprise Investment Scheme and how an EIS accredited company can attract significant support from early stage investors due to government tax incentives. Now, with the equivalent Early Stage InnovationContinue reading “London Tech Week ’22”

New Starship video is live!

Hi everybody! At long last, I’ve posted the video I’ve been working on covering how SpaceX’s Starship might be used as a point to point transport vehicle on Earth, as well as going through the many considerations that entails. At 34 minutes long – it is easily the longest video I’ve ever produced, with theContinue reading “New Starship video is live!”

Patreon Campaign Launch!

Exodus is excited to announce our new crowd-funding drive, which you can join using our Patreon campaign page. What we’re doing is a series of Youtube videos where we explore how humanity will expand out into the solar system, using a simple 3D animation style that allows us to understand how different systems might workContinue reading “Patreon Campaign Launch!”

Coronavirus and the origins of the Exodus Vision

Since social isolation is a precondition of space travel, astronauts are some of the individuals best equipped to deal with its challenges. Does that mean that going through the COVID-19 pandemic is making all of us that much more prepared to travel in space? If you’ve been following our story, you know Exodus Space SystemsContinue reading “Coronavirus and the origins of the Exodus Vision”