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Hi everyone, Mike here!

Right now Exodus is a month-old company with three people, a unique solution to the space debris problem, and a mechanism that also has relevance for the development of spin gravity platforms.  We invite enquiries and support from satellite manufacturers, operators and insurers.  In the future however, our customer base aims to include all of human space settlement.

I use the word ‘settlement’, not ‘exploration’ for a reason.  There are many useful and necessary technologies currently under development that enable exploration of the solar system.  Our focus however, is those technologies that will allow large numbers of people to go and stay in space, sustainably.  We don’t just want colonies in space, we want an exodus to space.

The first of these technologies addresses the dozen or so reasons that have stopped spin gravity proposals from progressing further in the past.  Two of these reasons are that spin gravity is inherently a long term and expensive development program, especially when used to address the medical concerns of humans in space.

Instead, we plan to develop this technology as an unmanned space platform intended to solve a current problem: deorbiting the space debris in low Earth orbit.  Our unique process does not require matching velocities with space debris (avoiding large fuel use), assembling large structures (avoiding large launch mass), or creating a hazardous environment for anything other than the proximal (<10km), targeted piece of space debris (avoiding most political factors).

I’m looking forward to the International Astronautical Conference (2017) next week in Adelaide, and networking with all of you who are interested in solutions to these problems.  If you’ve found your way here after meeting me there, please feel free to contact me so we can further discuss how we might collaborate further!

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