Falcon Heavy ushers in a new Era

We’re SpaceX fans here at Exodus Space Systems, and we’d like to send our congratulations to SpaceX at the massive achievement that is launching (and landing!) the Falcon Heavy.

Falcon Heavy success paves the way for open access to space beyond Earth

Having the ability to launch up to 64 tons to Low Earth Orbit, for little more than the cost of a regular (4-8 ton) satellite, is a game changing event, and I’m sure the remaining launch companies are scrambling to come up with equally economical offerings.  The fact that this is only one of several steps towards the SpaceX BFR system – which will be yet another  benchmark in cost and capability – means that new space companies like ours really don’t have to worry about “the launch problem” any more.  We can concentrate on what we want to do in space.

For Exodus, we’re especially noticing the increasing interest of investors (who wouldn’t traditionally consider space startups), who are looking to “get in early” with start up companies like ours.  At the moment we’re organising funding/drafting the provisional patent(s) which will underpin most of what we do, and we’ll have to finish that before we talk more openly to encourage that interest. Suffice to say however that we’ve noticed and are encouraged by the interest! and we’re working hard to make sure we can offer a solid proposal in the near future!


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