Building an Australian Space Startup

Another title for this post could have been, “London Tech Week part 2: Please remember to walk with both feet.”  This may or may not be an in-joke regarding the obviousness of certain public announcements on the London underground, but I also like it as an analogy for our experience of being an Australian startup inContinue reading “Building an Australian Space Startup”

On the ground at London Tech Week

What happens when more than 30 innovative Aussies descend on London Tech Week? Incredible possibilities, that’s what.  The Startup Catalyst Mission to London Tech Week is in it’s fourth year, and this is the biggest cohort yet, with over 30 Aussie founders, investors, government personnel and others, including a dedicated female founders stream which (as hasContinue reading “On the ground at London Tech Week”

Exodus selected for London Tech Week!

Exciting news! We can now reveal that Exodus Space Systems (represented by Mike) applied for and was awarded a place on the Startup Catalyst mission to London Tech Week, funded by the Western Australian Government Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.  As part of a delegation of over 40 Australian startup founders, investors, academics andContinue reading “Exodus selected for London Tech Week!”

Meeting the Space ANGELS (Space Law)

On the second of May I had the pleasure of meeting Special Council Duncan Blake (from the International Aerospace Law & Policy Group), and five of his students – the ANGELS – from the University of Adelaide, to have a discussion about Exodus Space Systems and the legal considerations we expect to face in theContinue reading “Meeting the Space ANGELS (Space Law)”

To Germany and back…

Hi all! Wow what a huge couple of months it’s been.  It’s hard to know where to start. When I last wrote, we were preparing for two conferences, ASAM’s (Australasian Society for Aerospace Medicine) focus colloquium on space medicine in Melbourne, and the International Astronautical Congress 2018 in Bremen, Germany.  Between these two events we’veContinue reading “To Germany and back…”

An investment opportunity with a long term vision

We at Exodus have been hard at work creating the pitch materials that investors (rightly) want to see before backing a venture such as ours.  That means laying out a roadmap for Exodus over the next five years, including both the milestones we expect to meet, and the costs we’ll have to cover, as weContinue reading “An investment opportunity with a long term vision”

Mike interviewed by RDA Perth

It was lovely to be invited to a conversation with Colleen Yates of RDA Perth.  We spoke about the space debris problem, and how Exodus Space Systems’ technology could also help solve the medical problems encountered by astronauts living in space. Here’s the main interview: As well as an “after the show” chat: I hopeContinue reading “Mike interviewed by RDA Perth”

DeTA is now patent pending

Our DeTA (Deployable Toroidal Array) invention has now been lodged with the Australian Patent Office as a provisional patent, which means we can finally talk about the invention, and explain how we’ll be using it to address the twin challenges of spin gravity research and space debris. First of all, here’s a look at theContinue reading “DeTA is now patent pending”