Quantum Tech Exchange success!

The Exodus team is proud to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Quantum Tech Exchange Accelerator, which is run by Atomic Sky.  This includes a full professional development program, with visiting speakers and mentorship, as well as site visits to key tech facilities in WA.  We’ll be there at the AOG conference and theContinue reading “Quantum Tech Exchange success!”

Exodus at the Space Innovation Network

Our last public event for the year was on Tuesday 17th of December, with Mike giving a speech on our Kinetic Solution for Space Debris (KiSSD) method at the Space Innovation Network, which is run by Innovate Australia.  A huge thank you is owed to Peter and Adam, both for this invitation to speak, asContinue reading “Exodus at the Space Innovation Network”

Seven Questions for Exodus

I recently finished reading “Zero to One”, the international bestselling book by Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and Palantir.  Although I didn’t agree with everything in the book, there is much to recommend about it, particularly the set of seven questions listed towards the end of the book.  These questions are what the author proposesContinue reading “Seven Questions for Exodus”

Attention: Don’t Sponsor Exodus!

Why would you even consider doing a thing like that? Are you trying to inspire people or something? Well, lucky I found you, because I’m here to tell you that you absolutely, totally, should not sponsor Exodus Space Systems.  There are far better uses for your money than supporting a space startup with new, versatileContinue reading “Attention: Don’t Sponsor Exodus!”

Pitch at Palace reflections

What a gigantic fortnight it has been! Exodus Space Systems has been busy selling our idea of a street sweeper for space in a variety of different forums, and meeting some absolutely amazing people along the way.  The most high profile of these was the Pitch at Palace pitching competition, run by a magnificent worldwideContinue reading “Pitch at Palace reflections”

Exodus at Bloom and on 6PR radio.

A really important aspect of any public outreach work that Exodus does is helping to normalise the space industry as something real and tangible that can be invested in, provide valuable outcomes and jobs to “ordinary” people.   We’re helping to communicate the important message that if you work in the space ecosystem, you no longerContinue reading “Exodus at Bloom and on 6PR radio.”

Pitch at Palace Video

Thanks to Launchpad at Murdoch University, we now have a video of Mike presenting the 3-minute pitch that took Exodus through to the Australian national finals for Pitch at Palace. We’d like to thank all the organisers for the opportunity to be a part of this group of incredible entrepreneurs, and we’re excited to see howContinue reading “Pitch at Palace Video”

Exodus a finalist for Pitch at Palace!

We have some exciting news to share! Exodus Space Systems has been selected for the Australian national finals event in the Pitch at Palace competition!  More on that in a bit, but here’s a brief update first… Ever since coming back from London Tech Week, Exodus has been exploring a variety of strategies for raisingContinue reading “Exodus a finalist for Pitch at Palace!”

Building an Australian Space Startup

Another title for this post could have been, “London Tech Week part 2: Please remember to walk with both feet.”  This may or may not be an in-joke regarding the obviousness of certain public announcements on the London underground, but I also like it as an analogy for our experience of being an Australian startup inContinue reading “Building an Australian Space Startup”