An investment opportunity with a long term vision

We at Exodus have been hard at work creating the pitch materials that investors (rightly) want to see before backing a venture such as ours.  That means laying out a roadmap for Exodus over the next five years, including both the milestones we expect to meet, and the costs we’ll have to cover, as weContinue reading “An investment opportunity with a long term vision”

Mike interviewed by RDA Perth

It was lovely to be invited to a conversation with Colleen Yates of RDA Perth.  We spoke about the space debris problem, and how Exodus Space Systems’ technology could also help solve the medical problems encountered by astronauts living in space. Here’s the main interview: As well as an “after the show” chat: I hopeContinue reading “Mike interviewed by RDA Perth”

DeTA is now patent pending

Our DeTA (Deployable Toroidal Array) invention has now been lodged with the Australian Patent Office as a provisional patent, which means we can finally talk about the invention, and explain how we’ll be using it to address the twin challenges of spin gravity research and space debris. First of all, here’s a look at theContinue reading “DeTA is now patent pending”

Australian Space Agency is funded!

We were super excited to see the announcement of the creation of an Australian Space Agency, starting from July 1st of this year, as part of the 2018 federal budget.  It’s been a long time coming, and we are pleased to see that the government has supported or supported in principle the majority of theContinue reading “Australian Space Agency is funded!”

Mike at SpaceHub Perth event

It was a great pleasure to be asked to speak at the first SpaceHub Perth event for 2018, (back on February 19th!) along with Troy McCann from MoonshotX, and Conrad Pires from Picosat Systems. With a crowd of about 60 present, we spoke about the NewSpace industry, the exponential growth of start-up companies (in AustraliaContinue reading “Mike at SpaceHub Perth event”

Falcon Heavy ushers in a new Era

We’re SpaceX fans here at Exodus Space Systems, and we’d like to send our congratulations to SpaceX at the massive achievement that is launching (and landing!) the Falcon Heavy. Falcon Heavy success paves the way for open access to space beyond Earth Having the ability to launch up to 64 tons to Low Earth Orbit,Continue reading “Falcon Heavy ushers in a new Era”

The Hub, the Rock, and the Ring (preview)

Hi guys! Those who know me personally know I like to write creatively, and science fiction especially is something I find helps convey the full extent of my vision for the future.  The attached pdf is a set of 6 preview chapters for a novel I’ve been writing in my spare time.  It’s set inContinue reading “The Hub, the Rock, and the Ring (preview)”