Scott Kelly writes about 340 days in space! (*microgravity)

Hi all, Mike here again.  Yesterday, I came across this very interesting article on the effects of nearly a year in space, by astronaut Scott Kelly: Every time I see one of these articles, I note how journalists equate “microgravity” with “in space”.  Of course, it’s a safe choice for the journalist creating theContinue reading “Scott Kelly writes about 340 days in space! (*microgravity)”

Getting ready for IAC!

Hi everyone, Mike here! Right now Exodus is a month-old company with three people, a unique solution to the space debris problem, and a mechanism that also has relevance for the development of spin gravity platforms.  We invite enquiries and support from satellite manufacturers, operators and insurers.  In the future however, our customer base aimsContinue reading “Getting ready for IAC!”